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The online home of Nashville Crystal Store and Chattanooga Crystal Store.

All gems and crystals for your Heart's desire!

The metaphysical aspects of crystals and gemstones have inspired all cultures and civilizations. We have all sizes and categories of crystals available and our team can help you find the right stones for your personal development and energize your home, living space, and business.

Nashville Crystal Store

Ataana and his knowledgeable team will connect you with your healing crystal. Stop by today for a crystal consultation.

• Citrines (polished & natural)
• Great Lemurian clusters and seed crystals
• Ametrines & Auralite 23
• Shungite
• Lapis Lazuli
• Himalayan salt
• Jade
• Many free forms of K2
• Some of the largest Nirvana Quartz

Meet Ataana

Ataana is a crystal and Energy Healer who loves working and supporting Gemstone Beings. He opened the Nashville Crystal Store to make them accessible to everyone who loves crystals. Ataana takes great care in bringing the crystals into the store. Here's a video of Ataana getting crystals ready for you.

You may also visit him at his energy healer website, AtaanaMethod.com to schedule an Energy Healing Session, Crystal Healing Session, and register to attend one of Ataana's 3-Day Energy Healing Intensives. Be sure to check out Ataana's weekly Onement Meditation and his book, Sacred Inner Dialogue, while you're there.