Propsperity Healing Mantras

Prosperity Healing Mantras


These mantras unite powerful energy, sounds and words to activate our prosperity on all levels.

When we are chanting and listening to The Om Hari and Hari mantras, we reconnect and naturally align ourselves with unlimited prosperity. We are joining in with the frequency of unlimited prosperity and the energy of abundance. In being, and having more, than enough, of everything that we need and desire, including the physical, a better connection with ourselves, life, God and the universe, having more than enough money...our financial freedom.

Utilize these mantras daily. Every time you listen and chant the mantras you are amplifying your prosperity consciousness. Included in your purchase are six tracks, ready for immediate download:

Om Hari Om Hari Om
Long, Hari Hari Hari, Breath
Om Hari Hari Hari Om
Long Ha Ri Breath Cue
Om Hari Om Hari Om

MP3 - $9.49 (Amazon)

Higher Grounding

Higher Grounding

This trance music supports you to accelerate your transformation and new grounding for your expanded purpose.

Extended Track MP3 - $9.49 (Amazon)