"I visited the space with my dearest friend India-Jane when I was in Nashville in May. The crystals have sparked my inner spiritual journey, and so I am forever thankful. I was wondering if I could join the weekly meditation and pay for the crystals to be sent to my home in New Jersey. We talked about this when I was there, but wasn't sure if that was still an option.

I felt at home in the Nashville Crystal Store. I am working towards connection with my spirit guides, as I know my life has blocks in it and I am in need of connecting to my past selves. I have much to learn still- but am thankful for homes, such as yours, as grounding places for the soul. Hope you have a great rest of the week." - E. Knapp

"Hi! I had come into your store on the east side of Nashville, and I absolutely loved it there! I have no questions, but I just wanted to reach out to someone in the business to tell you how much of an incredible experience I had. Ever since I walked out the door after purchasing my crystals, I felt so rejuvenated, grateful, and happy. Thanks to a remarkable woman who helped me, I had an amazing experience. She had long brown hair and was so sweet to my friends and I. I came in around 3-4 pm on June 30th with my two friends, and we all had such a wonderful time. Afterwards, we felt very positive, and we agreed that our happiness and positivity rooted from your store. It made us feel amazing. I had never caught her name, but I hope she may receive this message as I thoroughly enjoyed her time and presence. I had told her how beautiful her energy was. I loved meeting her, and she helped me find a beautiful, tumbled Iolite which she said seemed best for me. I loved the store, especially the stunning rose quartz tower. I have never encountered such a staggering piece; I walked up to it, and I could not stay by it for too long as its energy was so powerful it made me dizzy. I will most definitely have to visit this store again, as well as your other store. Thank you for providing such a lovely place for everyone. I hope whoever may read this is doing well, and I send love and light your way. Thank you so much!" - Kaitlyn T.

"My daughter and I came to your EAST store a couple of weeks ago and I am still holding onto that incredible positive, healing, loving energy & experience I had on that rainy day. There aren't enough words to describe the energy emanating from everything in that lovely little magical house. I had the most wonderful experience and awakening from that visit. I can't thank you enough for your help, I desperately needed some grounding. I felt as if I were about to float away! What an absolute beautiful sacred space, I only wish I didn't live in NC, I would be there all of the time!" - Trina L.

"Your store is a blessing to our beautiful city. ❤️" - Shari Arnold

"Walking into this crystal store is like walking into a secret heavenly headquarters here on earth. It is such a pleasure to be able to enjoy such high vibrating and energized crystals in a safe environment that does not leave you feeling vulnerable or shaken. You leave feeling like you just received the most comforting and healing hug! The support one feels just by being around these crystals even for a moment is truly beautiful! What a gift this crystal store is and will be, not just to Nashville- but the whole universe!" - Grace Lynn Donoho

"This beautiful space is exactly what Nashville needed! The energy of the store is clear and positive, the stones are "bright" and well cared for." - Eliza Ann

"Being at this store is like walking into a hidden treasure chest full of beauty and wonder. Everything sparkles from the inside out. What a healing experience it is just to stand in the room and breathe in the energy. Each stone has a place, a purpose, and a task. Sure, it's fun to look at the pretty colors, but when you pick up a stone and you feel what it does to your body, and how it is supporting your spirit to heal on every level, you will see that there is much more to these crystals than meets the eye. This store is an interactive experience that you must try. Even if you have to plan a road trip, just find a way to get here. They have something in everyone's price range starting at $2 and up to the collector items. The stones are great to use in a healing session, or on a practical level in your everyday life." - Monica S.

"This is a fun and highly energetic space filled with lots of amazing stones, unlike any other place I've been to in Nashville. I loved the store's layout and learning the properties of each stone. I left there feeling uplifted and happy with my rose quartz necklace. Friendly and helpful customer service. This is my go-to place for crystals. Highly recommended!" - Sadiqua H.

"This is an amazing crystal store, the crystals are very high quality and the pricing is reasonable. There is something here for everyone. Nashville had needed a real gemstone store for a long time and finally, it is here. I have been to many crystal shops in many states and this is the real deal. You will love the quality of all the gemstones. We are fortunate to have such a great crystal store in our area. I love this store." - Marion C.

"A lovely peaceful place with friendly, knowledgeable staff. We came in yesterday and enjoyed the Labor Day BOGO sale. Jeff was a terrific help. He offered lots of valuable information and listened patiently to my children's explanations of the 'Stephen Universe' cartoon characters' connections to various gems. I'll definitely return here next time I'm in Nashville." - Yvonne Cullimore

"Having had a sneak peek of this store I gotta say it is truly amazing! I wanted to sit in the middle of the room and soak up the good vibes. I can't wait for the grand opening!" - Catlyn Rain

"I visited the Columbine store Wed afternoon about 2 pm. Amanda helped me find the right crystals for me, including a large smoky quartz. Crystals are new to me, and this one has already had amazing effects. It found the place that most needed healing ( my sternum which was shattered years ago and my right foot) Also I brought to my bedroom & it caused both myself and my husband to fall asleep very early & rest well. He didn't even know about the crystal, it was in my nightstand drawer. This morning I showed it to him,& he laid in bed holding it to his chest for about 20 min, then told me he really liked it. Thank you again for your services, please convey my gratitude to Amanda. Living my dream, moment by moment." - Carol from Infinite Possibilities TN.